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Research on the Enterprise Marketing Management for Internet Companies based on Data Mining and FTA

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.114


Liu Bin

Corresponding Author

Liu Bin


In this paper, in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy in marketing management, the enterprise marketing management for Internet companies based on data mining and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is studied. Every customer includes residents are potential customers of the virtual market, for customers who do not use real market, virtual market to provide the service, make the customer updates the knowledge and experience of the market service, when the customer not to walk in sales procedure, but in real life, you can attract the customer on the reality market to generate interest, and their evolution for the reality market customers. FTA provides a scientific method for the evaluation of network marketing system, the application shows that it is simple, reliable and practical, which makes it suiTable for similar applications in other fields.


Network Marketing Management, Internet Companies, Data Mining, Fault Tree Analysis