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Compact Optoelectronic System for Velocimetry Using Vitual Instrument

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.111


Mengyao Li, Fengchun Sun, Hongwen He

Corresponding Author

Mengyao Li


We have built a optoelectronic velocimeter that has proven to compact, easy to operate, and fairly inexpensive. The main components are off-the-shelf Optocoupler and High-sample-rate digitizers, The maximum velocity of this system is up to 1000m/s and is limited by the Response frequency of optocoupler. The system measures the Time of Flight with resolution of 1usec. For most application, the data of two-channel voltage is analyzed using correlation method, which determine the final velocity time history. The system allows multiple velocities to be observed simultaneously. We have obtained high-quality data on many experiments.


Optocoupler, Virtual instrument, Velocitmeter