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A Design Way of High Frame Frequency Image Acquisition and Transmission System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.110


Pengwei Yang

Corresponding Author

Pengwei Yang


There is a problem of existing vast information at high frame frequency image acquisition and transmission system, which will generate a result that real-time performance of image acquisition and transmission system is not well. The article propose a new scheme of high frame frequency image real-time acquisition and transmission way, it uses the medium configuration mode that it transmits concurrently 4 pixel data , clock signal and control signal to solve the problem of the above, by means of studying the vast data of the image acquisition and transmission. For the high speed real-time video image of resolution of 1280*1024, a frame rate 400f/s and the width of 8bit, the experiment result show that the system can complete the acquisition and transmission of high frame frequency image effectively.


High frame frequencyimage acquisitionimage transmissionDigital image processing