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Research on the strength of 25 meter long rail transport using special bogie with six fulcrum points

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.105


Huang Yanchun

Corresponding Author

Huang Yanchun


With the rapid development of China's railway industry, the annual demand for railway transportation is very huge, which occupies a large proportion of 25 meters of rail transport. At present, China's 25 meter rail transport mainly uses two cars straddle transport with six fulcrum points bogie. This mode of transport in the actual operation often occur unbalanced weight problem. This paper established finite element model according to current 25 meters rail transportation loading and reinforcement scheme of the rail, then simulated the fulcrum force, calculated the fulcrum bearing weight, using statics moment balance theory and calculates the vehicle bogie bearing size and weight. By changing the 2, 5 fulcrum position, reducing the weight of 3, 4 fulcrum position to find the right solution. In this solution, the force of the 2nd and 5th fulcrums is increased, so the bogie strength verification is performed to verify the safety of railway transportation.


Railway Transportation, Bogie, unbalanced weight, simulation analysis