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Research on Control System of Intelligent Socket based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.099


Zhou Jingjing, Chen Fang

Corresponding Author

Zhou Jingjing


Along with the development of technology and improvement of people’s livelihood, more and more people pursue high-quality and high-tech life. In recent years, intelligent mobile device, intelligent household device and intelligent wearable device are rapidly developing to meet people’s wishes of high-tech life. Among of those, Internet of Things is the signal of developing to be intelligent. Internet of Things is the information carrier based on Internet and traditional telecommunication network, connecting all public physical objects. It can establish communication connection between objects based on Internet. Household everywhere and household electronic products are unified to be intelligent solutions and outlets. It is essential to implement comprehensive intelligence of household appliances. However, in order to connect household appliances and use socket for power, the intelligent management of household appliances can greatly achieved by intelligent management of socket. This paper proposes an intelligent socket design, which can implement simple functional design and execute prototype design and test. Based on this hardware solution, more specific and complex functional design can be executed.


Intelligent socket control system, intelligent power system, Internet of Things, principle of electricity measurement