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Analysis of 10kV Voltage Transformer Burning Accident

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.098


Wang Yi, Liu Zhitong, Li Chen, Wang Heyan, Liu Jia, Wang Shuai, Li Huiyan, Lu Jiachen, Liu Chuanbo, Shi Diancai

Corresponding Author

Wang Yi


Firstly, the working principle of electromagnetic voltage transformer is introduced, which is used to connect with metering device, measuring instrument and relay protection device. Secondly, the concept of ferromagnetic resonance, the mechanism and the harm of ferromagnetic resonance, and the measures to prevent ferromagnetic resonance are introduced. And then the phenomenon and harm of frequency division resonance and high frequency resonance are introduced. It is proved by examples that the burning accident of Taidong 10kV voltage transformer is caused by frequency division resonance. The most direct and effective measure to avoid the burning accident of 10kV voltage transformer is to prevent the occurrence of resonance. In order to avoid resonance, the automatic protection of microcomputer harmonic elimination device should be inspected regularly, and the test area of primary harmonic elimination device should be inspected, maintained and dispatching center regularly. The protection automation must connect the 10kV system bus zero sequence voltage to the automatic monitoring system.


Electromagnetic voltage transformer, ferromagnetic resonance, frequency division resonance, high frequency resonance