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Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Power Capacitor

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.097


Li Guangda, Zhao Qiang, Xu Mei, Jin Jing, Zhang Fuliang, Wang Xue, Zheng Jiming, Li Bo, Li Xinyu, Shi Boyu, Yuan Chengye

Corresponding Author

Li Guangda


As a kind of reactive power compensation device, the power capacitor is an important equipment for safe operation of power grids. Power capacitor plays an important role in adjusting grid voltage, reducing line loss and improving power quality. However, in practical applications, due to various factors such as human factors and environment, capacitors frequently fail during operation, which affects normal work. The basic knowledge of power capacitors, common faults, and preventive measures for power capacitor faults are explained in detail, and solutions to the problem are proposed.


Capacitor, common faults, operation, maintenance