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Discussion on Differential Lightning Protection of Transmission Line

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.096


Wang Qinghao, Zhang Lei, Li Guangda, Li Tianci, Zang Han, Hu Yue, Liu Lin, Wang Qi, Guo Yan, Liu Xiao, Liu Guobin

Corresponding Author

Wang Qinghao


By analyzing the harmfulness of lightning to transmission lines, two representative lightning protection methods are expounded, Generalized Lightning Protection method and differential Lightning Protection method, and the advantages and disadvantages of differential lightning protection for power transmission lines are emphatically demonstrated. Examples Counter lightning and circle lightning is given to prove the correctness and scientific nature of the differentiated lightning protection method. Combined with practice, the paper discusses that the method of differential lightning protection is the development direction of lightning protection for transmission lines, such as installation of lightning protection lines and grounding devices, installation of line arresters, strengthening of insulation configuration, improvement of grounding resistance and installation of various forms of lightning arresters. Through the comparison, statistics and analysis of lightning protection effect of transmission lines in recent years, it is feasible to adopt differential lightning protection on transmission lines.


Transmission line, lightning hazard, differentiation lightning protection, counter lightning, circle lightning