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Discussion on Explosion of 66kV Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.095


Wang Tao, Shi Xiao, Zhang Wei, Han Lu, Yang Songhan, Wang Shuai, Zhang Wenguang, Zhang Hua, Zhao Chuanzong, Hu Yang

Corresponding Author

Wang Tao


Through the analysis of the fault of 66kV electromagnetic voltage transformer, it is clarified that the cause of the explosion of electromagnetic voltage transformer is the frequency division resonance of the system. The occurrence conditions and types of ferromagnetic resonance and the hazards to voltage transformers are introduced. In order to avoid the ferromagnetic resonance accident of the same type of voltage transformer again, an effective countermeasure is scientifically proposed.


Voltage transformer, fault, ferromagnetic resonance, frequency division resonance, single phase grounding