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A Comparative Study of Foreign Languages Popularization Educational Policy under the Background of Globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.18


Zhaopu Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhaopu Wang


With the multiploidization of international politics, the informatization of social activities and the globalization of economic activities, foreign languages play an increasingly important role in the increasingly frequent exchanges between countries and regions and nations of the world. In the era of globalization, countries around the world pay more attention to foreign language education, which mainly reflects in that all countries have expanded the type of foreign language education and increased learning hours of foreign language. Countries around the world have developed foreign language education policy in line with their own social language characteristics and needs. This paper summarizes the impact of the globalization on foreign language education policy, analyses and contrasts the educational policies of foreign language popularization. Finally, by analysing the characteristics of foreign language popularization policies, this paper aims to provide the inspiration for the popularization of Chinese language.


globalization, language popularization, educational policy, comparative study