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The Development of a Device for GIS Line Phase Checking

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.091


Xu Jianchun, Jiang Ling, Li Binghui, Jia Zhenlu, Sui Wei, Lu Bin, Zhao Yan, Wei Ye, Yue Yangzhuo, Wu Yaowei

Corresponding Author

Xu Jianchun


In view of the requirements for the development of smart grid and the advantages of GIS, GIS mode is often the first choice in the construction of substation in power system. However, there is no simple and convenient method for direct phase checking of GIS lines. Because the traditional method is not applicable to the structure of GIS and the existing method is immature, it is necessary to design a special phase checking device for GIS line by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic wave in the circuit. In this paper, the differences of power frequency, radio frequency and high frequency electromagnetic field sources in frequency range, anti-interference and economic applicability are mainly discussed. Thus, the purpose of accurate phase checking of the line without changing any connector is realized. The feasibility of the RF phase checking device is proved by the simulated phase checking test of three-core cable. The device not only improves the efficiency of phase checking test, but also ensures the personal safety of staff. This has achieved good results in the field application, and solved the practical problem of not being able to direct phase checking GIS lines.


GIS, radio frequency, line phase checking