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The design and application of an experimental system for measuring and controlling hypoxia in animal culture

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.084


Xudong Chen, Xingshan Li

Corresponding Author

Xudong Chen


An experimental system with intelligent control function was developed to observe the survival of animals under low oxygen conditions, Using advanced high - performance single - chip microcomputer control technology. A high precision digital temperature sensor DS18B20, oxygen electrochemical sensor and humidity sensor are used to form the information data acquisition module, Three key parameters can be collected in real time for recording and display. The upper and lower threshold values of the parameters can be set, and the system can automatically adjust the parameters within the set range. System design is mainly used to detect the oxygen concentration in the incubator, display and control the test data, set oxygen concentration of the box. Through the management software to realize the historical data display and detection. The instrument measuring circuit is universal and can be realized by adjusting the parameters of the different gas sensing elements. The parameters meet the design requirements after circuit test.


SCM, Sensors, Set Parameters, Self-regulation, Measurement and Control, animal anoxia