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Research on Ideological and Political Education of University Students Based on Dormitory Culture Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.017


Miao Gao,HongXing Song

Corresponding Author

HongXing Song


The dormitory culture is an important constituent of campus culture and an important bearer with students' dormitories as place. The dormitory culture can direct the idea of undergraduates to a certain extent, so, to relentlessly explore the new thinking for construction of dormitory culture is an imminent task in construction and development of college dormitories, and also has profound significance in ideological and political education. In Chinese colleges, the dormitories have become an important place for students to exchange, thereby forming dormitory culture which influences development of undergraduates' idea and psychology while normalizing and leading their behaviors. Therefore, to promote ideological and political education of undergraduates via strengthening construction of college dormitory culture has emerged as a new way for this education work.


Dormitory culture, Ideological and political education of university students.