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American Factors And The Difficulties of Folks Exchanges between China And Japan

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.016


Yang Shuo, Weixiao Dong

Corresponding Author

Wei Xiaodong


From the view that dealing with Sino-Japan relationship well is beneficial to Asian and world peace and on hard times of developing SinoJapanese political relatons, The New China government makes one folk diplomacy that folk diplomacy comes first and then promotes the official diplomacy. through carrying out this diplomatic policy progressively, it is helpful to blaze a way and create conditions for acheveing the normalization ofSinoJapanese diplomatic relations. However, this progress is hard to be kept on for American intervene. The American government cuts off the Sino-Japanese trade path and prevent Folks trade exchanges between Sino-Japan government. Meanwhile,


American factors, Folks exchanges between China and Japan.