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Design and Implementation of Music Teaching based on Streaming Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.067


Bai Yan

Corresponding Author

Bai Yan


With the development of multimedia technology and network communication, multimedia teaching is based on its rich information resources, friendly interaction and openness, and gradually mature. With its rich content and institutions of higher learning the advantages of fast and accurate positioning to promote the application of the traditional education of network video teaching resources, combining learning and real-time communication of cyber source, provides a vivid and real scene video information for students learning network. Online music broadcasting, while supporting the rapid spread of streaming media technology, has also brought about tremendous changes in people's lives and education. In the traditional network music teaching system, there are still many problems, such as single function, poor user experience and poor scalability. Based on the analysis of the requirements of network music teaching system, according to the characteristics of streaming media, an online music teaching product model is designed to help solve the problems encountered in music teaching.


Streaming media technology, Music teaching system, Digital music, direct seeding technology, MVC framework