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Improve the Privacy of AES Encryption Algorithm in Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.065


Heng Wang, Xinrui Chen

Corresponding Author

Heng Wang


This article through to the symmetrical secret key and asymmetric contrast and secret key system requirements analysis identified on the basis of AES encryption mode choice, in describing the AES encryption principle introduced before AES encryption used knowledge of number theory, namely the finite field addition and multiplication algorithm. Through the next round of AES encryption of byte replace operation, line shift operation, columns, confusion and rounds of secret key addition operation phases one by one, mainly around the security of the AES ascension to improve. We through an 8 X 8 involution hadamard matrix column confusion to replace the original AES operation link used in the cycle of 4 * 4 matrix, so that the spread of the original branch number raised from 5 to 9, achieved better diffusion ability, at the same time also reduce the burden of the inverse confused column operation. The experiment proves that the enhancement of diffusion ability does not cause excessive time cost for encryption and decryption performance.


Privacy protection, Encryption algorithm, Inverse confusion operation, Row shift operation