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Research on Electronic Design Preliminaries

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.061


Ruilin Li, Jingzhou Zha, Jinhua Yu, Honghong Li

Corresponding Author

Ruilin Li


The development of Internet information technology has brought great benefits to all fields of society. Traditional electronic design competitions are greatly influenced by the venue, manpower, and time. Using Internet technology to set preliminaries for electronic design competitions, through the combination of virtualized electronic experimental operation design and Internet evaluation, the organic management of electronic design technology in universities is more efficient, and the electronic design ability of students is improved. The excellent performance of the electronic design experiment activities laid a good foundation. This paper expounds the research status of electronic design preliminaries at home and abroad, analyzes the enlightenment of the network evaluation and test system on the electronic design preliminaries, and finally draws the concrete implementation method of the electronic design preliminaries.


Electronic design, preliminaries, research