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Research on Artificial Intelligence Software Development Architecture Based on Data Mining Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.060


Cao Zhiyong

Corresponding Author

Cao Zhiyong


In many fields of computer science, artificial intelligence software is the most challenging and creative field. With the birth and development of artificial intelligence, people begin to use computers in the field. The core step is structured processing of unstructured data, which can reduce the volume of data and the difficulty of data mining, analysis and application. Based on the in-depth analysis of the nature of software development automation, based on the ubiquitous model of software systems, the concept of template engineering is introduced, and the automation development process is supported and implemented through the mapping transformation of template engineering and layer language. Generates all rules that contain only the items of the collection, where each rule has only one item to the right, and the definition of the middle rule is used here. Transforming the feature representation of the sample into a new feature space makes classification or prediction easier, and it has become a hot spot to promote this wave of artificial intelligence.


Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development