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Research on Electronic Automatic Control Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.055


Li Wen, Shasha Xu, Lingling Jiao, Jingna Cui

Corresponding Author

Li Wen


The research of artificial intelligence mainly uses computer technology to simulate human's thinking, learning and reasoning and other intelligent thinking processes and behaviors. According to the principle of realizing computer intelligence, the computer is made into a design similar to human brain, and the high-level application of computer is realized. In this paper, AI technology is summarized, and the relationship between mechanical and electronic engineering and AI technology is analyzed. Finally, the application of AI technology is analyzed with the fault diagnosis of hot die forging press as an example. Innovations in the field of electrical automation control require the support of artificial intelligence, and the advantages of artificial intelligence in automation control can indeed be greatly enhanced in this field. The introduction of artificial intelligence technology into the field of electronic engineering, its simple operation page allows the electrical system to achieve remote control, greatly improving the production efficiency of the electrical system, and providing a guarantee for its safe operation.


Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Automatic Control, Electronic Engineering