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Research on the Design of Intelligent Home Security Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.053


Zhang Jinfeng

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jinfeng


Aiming at the problem of uneven distribution of energy consumption and high false alarm rate in traditional home security monitoring system, a smart home security monitoring system based on Internet of Things is proposed and designed. The system is divided into three parts: sensing module, safety control module and equipment monitoring module. The hardware and software are designed according to the structure of the system. The hardware is mainly analyzed according to the two modules of image recognition and speech recognition. The software part is to use pyroelectric infrared and vibration sensors to sense anti-theft information and improve anti-theft monitoring. Combined with toxic gases, temperature and smoke, fire monitoring and alarms are completed to realize the design of smart home security monitoring system. According to practice, the network has a long life cycle, the average network delay is reduced by 16.2 seconds, and the average false alarm rate is 16% lower than the traditional system. The security monitoring performance of this system is relatively high. This article will explore the design of this security monitoring.


Internet of Things, Smart Home, Home Safety Monitoring System, Monitoring System Design