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Design of Public Self-service Laundry System in College Dormitory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.045


Li Hesen, Luo Ying

Corresponding Author

Li Hesen


Objective: The paper conducted theoretical discussion of a new public self-service laundry model, and tried to change and solve the status quo and problems of laundry during the student group life in college dormitory. Method: Related data were obtained through various methods such as literature search, data statistics, investigation & observation, interview and taking pictures onsite; the paper specifically described and analyzed the laundry problems faced and generated in college student dormitory; the paper experienced the complete process of laundry of college students through participatory observation, which can seek the basis in consideration of new intelligent public self-service laundry model; then, by studying the college student group users’ laundry requirement and their individual experience of the dormitory living environment and method, the paper proposed the basis to design and consider the public self-service laundry model, and conducted design conception. Conclusion: From the design, conception and deep completion of this scheme, it actually delivered one idea: categorization of group lifestyle is one of the preconditions for co-construction of ecological environment, which makes symbiotic design feasible; the idea and method to solve the college students’ laundry problem based on theoretical illustration have also provided certain reference and basis for design of sharing service.


Industrial design, public, self-service, laundry point, service design