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Analysis of Computer Information Processing Technology Based on Big Data Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.043


Yin Yanlin, Han Rui

Corresponding Author

Yin Yanlin


With the advent of the Internet era, people can interact with others and transmit data without leaving home. These data put forward new requirements for computer information processing technology. In order to meet the basic needs of modern human life, more and more network companies begin to devote themselves to large data processing technology. Starting from the concepts of "big data" and computer information processing technology, this paper expounds the role of "big data". On this basis, the computer information processing technology under the background of "big data" era is systematically analyzed, and its future development trend is discussed. Through the development of cloud computing technology, a cloud computer network is formed. At this stage, we should combine the characteristics of big data to develop new computer information storage technology to ensure that computer information storage can be completed quickly and efficiently. The importance of “big data” should be fully recognized. Constantly strengthen the research of this technology and improve its application efficiency. Thereby bringing greater convenience and benefits to the production and life of society.


Internet Age, Big Data, Information Processing