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Research on the Application of Digital Media Technology in Museum Exhibition

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.042


Li Xingli

Corresponding Author

Li Xingli


With the continuous development of society and technology, digital media technology is more and more sophisticated and diverse. Museum staff are also more aware of the important value of digital media technology for museums, and gradually apply this technology to museum exhibitions. .Through the digital media technology, the museum's exhibition has been moved, and it has undergone great changes compared with the traditional, more in line with the needs of the modern era. However, it is worth noting that digital media technology is still in the preliminary stage of the museum exhibition. There are still many unknown areas and unreasonable places. Therefore, designers must have a deeper understanding of digital media technology in order to make it better. The application is in the exhibition. This paper gives a brief overview of the characteristics and advantages of digital media technology, and analyzes its specific application in the museum exhibition. Finally, it points out the inadequacies of the application, and hopes to provide some reference and suggestions to the relevant staff.


Museum, Exhibition Chen, Digital Media Technology