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Research on Virtual Intelligent Education Platform for Cloud-end Network Simulation under the Background of Large Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.041


Weiguo Yao

Corresponding Author

Weiguo Yao


With the rapid development of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology under the background of big data, intelligent education has ushered in the era of intelligent and intelligent cloud. All countries in the world have identified the core elements of the development of education informatization as application, and the key point of application is the construction of application platform. It can extract valuable knowledge from large data and construct a knowledge base that can support query, analysis and calculation. The functional design of the platform was established on the original e-government system of the Education Bureau, which successfully achieved a smooth upgrade and made full use of the resources of the original e-government system. The use of smart education cloud platform can improve the utilization rate of educational resources in colleges and universities, realize the wisdom teaching under the background of big data, and promote the rapid development of educational informationization.


Big Data, Cloud Computing, Intelligence, Education Platform