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Analysis on Computer Application of under the Management of Network Information Security Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.038


Chu Xue

Corresponding Author

Chu Xue


With the rapid development of the economy, the development of science and technology in China is becoming more and more rapid. Network information technology is spreading and has penetrated into people's daily life. No matter whether it is work or life, it is inseparable from the network. People get information through the network, complete daily communication, life shopping, etc., but the large-scale application of network information technology also makes people's information appear exposed. There are many hackers and lawless people who use network information technology to obtain personal information and economic information, which leads to people's property safety and personal safety being threatened. To this end, they want to give the people a comfortable living atmosphere. The excellent network environment needs to ensure network information. The use of technology is safe.


Network information, security technology management, computer application