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Research on Auto-driving Based on Intelligent Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.037


Zhang Chaowu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chaowu


The research on automobile driving has been the focus of attention in foreign countries for decades. Starting from the functional requirements of the autopilot system, this paper proposes a control algorithm based on Intelligent Algorithm for vehicle automatic driving system. In this context, because the automatic driving system has the functions of improving the efficiency of rail transit operation, speeding up the operation speed of vehicles and ensuring the safety of driving, it is very important to develop highly effective intelligent automatic driving system. Aiming at the problem of vehicle tracking control in the process of intelligent vehicle automatic driving, the paper uses the interactive multi-model algorithm to target the guided vehicles with multiple motion states, so as to provide accurate and reliable guidance of vehicle motion state information for intelligent vehicles. The research shows that the method can ensure the accuracy of the road condition calculation and vehicle tracking of the intelligent car, and it has good robustness. Improving the safety of driverless cars is of great significance for traffic safety. It is important to propose corresponding intelligent algorithm for driverless cars for their safety improvement.


Intelligent Computing, Automobiles, Automatic Driving