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Dynamic Path Planning of Needle-inserting Robot Based on Fuzzy Reasoning

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.032


Lixia Peng, Zhuang Miao

Corresponding Author

Lixia Peng


The dynamic path planning problem of the needle-inserting robot has become a very classic network analysis problem, which requires not only a large amount of calculation, the more stringent parameter setting, but also a strong dependence on the starting value. All these shortcomings lead to difficult to achieve effective overall improvement. In order to improve the overall probability of the best solution, this aggregation program, which avoids search in attempt to finds part of the optimization, can effectively avoid the occurrence of roundabout detection. Search-avoiding has a strong ability in the spiral search, and can give out the actual path network and the set of nodes, so that evaluation can be carried out from the efficiency, invariance and accuracy. The results show that the accuracy of the fuzzy reasoning averaging algorithm for dynamic path planning the needle-inserting robot is 9% higher than that of the avoidance search method, and also the fuzzy reasoning has a good parallelization potential.


Needle-inserting robot, Dynamic path planning, fuzzy reasoning, Mechanical Analysis, Optimal Design