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Research on Urban Planning Based on Geographic Information System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.030


Zhong Zhaodong

Corresponding Author

Zhong Zhaodong


China's urban development is facing severe environmental problems, and urban planning transformation is imminent. Under the ecological background of low carbon and green concept, urban planning is faced with new methods and ideas. In practice, urban planning and construction is influenced by many factors, such as society, economy and nature, which makes urban planning and construction a long-term and complex project. Based on geographic information system technology, this paper compares the urban planning procedures and methods at home and abroad, and theoretically analyzes the current status and existing problems of urban planning in China, including: overall planning, zoning planning, tactical planning, and planning. The use of new technologies and the scientific and democratic planning work. In order to change this situation, it is necessary to use administrative, supervisory, economic, and legal means to exert the function of urban planning and promote the implementation of urban planning.


Geographic Information System, Urban Planning, Eco-city