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Effect of Si on Microstructure and Function of in-situ Mg2Si/AM60 Composite Material for Automobile

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.029


Feng Shen

Corresponding Author

Feng Shen


Magnesium-based composite materials can effectively improve the material properties of the matrix. At present, the main research focus is on the preparation of composite materials strengthened by additional particles. The process of this method is not simple, and the thermal stability is not good. The in-situ synthesis of composite materials has a simplified process and good interface bonding, which has become a core technology research goal for the development of composite materials. This thesis expounds the related theories of magnesium alloys, and discusses the effects of Si on the in-situ Mg2Si/AM60 composite materials in the car from the two secretions of material organization and function.


Automobile, In-situ self-generation, Mg2Si/AM60 composite material, Microstructure, Function