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Experimental Study on Starting Pressure Gradient of Percolation in Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir Based on Single Well Productivity Sequence

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.026


Ma Yanping

Corresponding Author

Ma Yanping


Low permeability oilfields have gradually become the main battlefield in China, and the study of starting pressure gradient is the key to study the seepage law of low permeability reservoirs. Therefore, the starting pressure gradient of low permeability sandstone reservoir is studied. The results show that the minimum starting pressure gradient of oil-water two-phase low-permeability sandstone is a function of curtain function. Aiming at the factors affecting the pressure gradient, such as reservoir permeability, fluid viscosity, displacement pressure gradient, oil-water interfacial tension, etc., measures to improve the development of low permeability reservoirs are proposed.


Single well productivity sequence, Low permeability sandstone, Reservoir percolation, Start-up pressure gradient