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Research on Spatialization Optimization of Demographic Data based on Reclassification

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.024


Wei Zhanxiang, Hou Yunxian

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhanxiang


The optimization research on the spatialization of population data makes it easy to grasp the spatial distribution of population and improve the government management level and service quality. First, the population data and the spatial data are collected to generate a spatial distribution map of the population. Secondly, the nuclear density is extracted by reclassification to generate simulation data of the population distribution. Then, the simulation data of the spatial distribution of the population and the actual regression analysis are corrected. Finally, verify the population distribution of emergency service facilities in Fangshan District of Beijing. The method solves the functional relationship between population nuclear density distribution and actual distribution, and solves the problem of insufficient basic data in population spatialization.


Population spatialization, nuclear density, reclassification, regression analysis, Fangshan District