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Trial Analysis on the Performance of Composite Pressure Vessels

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.022


Jianhua Liu

Corresponding Author

Jianhua Liu


Pressure vessels are widely used. The choice of materials has a great influence on the pressure vessel, which affects the performance of the vessel. The material of the pressure vessel has certain corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. A pressure vessel is a kind of equipment that can withstand a certain pressure. It has certain dangers during use. In order to reduce the risk factor, it is necessary to put forward higher requirements on the pressure vessel. The material selection, temperature, corrosion resistance, etc. will all be Affect the performance of pressure vessels. This paper mainly discusses the advantages and current status of composite material pressure vessels, the research on the performance of composite pressure vessels, and the significance of composite materials to pressure vessels.


Composite, pressure vessel, performance