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Impact of Power System Reform on the Investment Strategy of Power Grid Enterprises and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.011


Zhou Jinglong, Yan Pengfei, Yang Chenguang

Corresponding Author

Zhou Jinglong


In recent years, China has intensified its reform on power system and the supervision of total income of power grid enterprises. The reform of electric power system is intended to establish an independent electricity price system to promote the development of electricity market and improve the scientificity, institutionalization and integrity of electricity price regulation, in the meantime, bring impact on the operation and profit model of power grid enterprises. In this context, the scheme and characteristics of power system reform is analyzed in this paper by comparing domestic and foreign power system reform models and the analysis of the influence of investment strategy of power grid enterprises on investment decision-making, investment execution and post-investment evaluation under power system reform and ways to meet the needs of investment in power grid enterprises, investment strategies, business concept change and new power system reform countermeasures are proposed.


Power system reform, Grid enterprise, Investment strategy, Coping analysis.