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Research on the Key Technology of Mixed Attribute Data Cluster based on Sparse Representation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.020


Huifang Xue

Corresponding Author

Huifang Xue


Data mining is one of the most important tools to provide assistance in management decision. As the application range of data mining is enlarging, the processed data of data mining have gradually transformed from single numeric type or classified-type data to mixed attribute type. The research on mixed attribute data mining is a hot topic, wherein, data cluster is an important part. Traditional clustering algorithm only aims at single numeric attribute or classified attribute, while more and more researches show that most real data are presented in mixed attribute, which makes it difficult in processing most traditional clustering algorithms. Therefore, designing efficient clustering algorithm which can process mixed attribute data has become an attractive topic in cluster analysis.


Sparse, mixed attribute, data cluster