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Research on Multi-agent Vision Location and Coordination Formation Control Strategy Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.012


Guofei Chai, Hailun Wang, Mingxia Yang

Corresponding Author

Guofei Chai


For a long time, people have noticed a lot of group behavior in nature, and carried out more detailed analysis and research. Many individuals with certain intelligence are combined to form a multi-agent system which has both independent control performance and mutual coordination characteristics. Formation control is the most typical problem in the Multi-Cooperative control of these complex tasks. With the development of multi-agent system research, the coordinated control of intelligent groups has become a hot topic in the field of control. Based on the introduction theory, this paper focuses on the formation control of typical formations such as node expansion, assembly and dispersion. Formal modeling in two-dimensional space and giving theoretical proof of maintaining formation rigidity. In actual research, the sensors carried by robots have certain perceptual limitations, and there are often noises and delays. The actual multi-agent system tends to be in a three-dimensional space with a strong nonlinear dynamics model.


Multi-agent, Formation control, Two-dimensional space