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The Application of Cubic Spline Interpolation Method in Gas Logging Interpretation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.011


Wu Xiaoyu, Zhang Fangzhou, She Tianwei

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiaoyu


In the logging technology, gas logging is an important method for reservoir evaluation, gas logging technology includes Kessler hydrocarbon ratio method and triangle plate method. However, according to the theory of experience to select the value point, value point error will be generated. Therefore, cubic spline interpolation method is proposed to select the value area of interpretation plate, the method is applied to reservoir evaluation. Cubic spline interpolation method is studied to calculate the value point, the theory and method of gas logging technology are studied. The value area obtained by the cubic spline interpolation method is used in triangle chart of gas logging technology, this can improve the accuracy of recognition of oil and gas reservoirs.


Cubic spline interpolation, gas logging technology, value area, triangle plate