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Experimental Study on Distinguishing the Laser Printed and Copied Documents by Using ImageXpress

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.007


Yuchen Wang, Yong Wang, Zhongyuan Ji, Xibin Song

Corresponding Author

Yuchen Wang


In this paper, ImageXpress, a printing quality inspection instrument commonly used abroad, is introduced into the examination of copied and printed documents. Taking the laser printed and copied documents as experimental materials, this paper explores the principle of ImageXpress, analyzes the feasibility of printing and copying documents, and factors affecting the inspection and appraisal results. Experiments are carried out to fully demonstrate the feasibility and practicability of this instrument in the field of document examination. Further, in order to fully illustrate the feasibility of the instrument, on the basis of previous studies, documents printed and copied by the HP LaserJet Pro M1136 laser printer-copier are taken as samples to measure the relevant parameters of the printed and copied documents under the guidance of the international standard ISO/IEC 13660. The data samples are used to distinguish printed and copied documents, so as to explore the criteria for distinguishing printed and copied documents, and to provide data to support future research.


Printed and copied documents, quantification, laser printer-copier, distinguish, ImageXpress