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Study on the Basic Characteristics and Change Rules of Fine Point Lines in Fingerprints

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.005


Zhongyuan Ji, Yong Wang, Yuchen Wang, Xibin Song

Corresponding Author

Zhongyuan Ji


At present in our country, the automatic fingerprint identification system plays a great role in investigating and solving cases, but technical improvements still need to be made in some places. Current automatic fingerprint identification systems are based on level 1 and level 2 features of fingerprints. But for fingerprint experts, in addition to level 1 and level 2 features, level 3 features are also needed in manual inspection and identification. If these features can be introduced into the identification system, the performance of system will be further improved. The fingerprint fine point line is a typical three level feature, but the basic theories about fine point lines are not perfect at present. Therefore, this paper studies the basic characteristics and the changing rules of fine point lines, and established a new identification method on that basis, which can provide a reference for the establishment of the next generation fingerprint automatic identification system.


Fine point lines, change rules, fingerprint identification, automatic fingerprint identification system