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Dimensional Analysis and Empirical Study on the Cooperation Performance of Competitive Technical Intelligence of R&D Alliance

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.007


Jiandong Yang, Huizhi Zou, Wei Huang

Corresponding Author

Jiandong Yang


With the quickening pace of technological innovation, Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) plays an increasingly important role in enterprise, industry and national macro strategic planning. As a new area of cooperation, CTI becomes more and more popular in technology innovation alliance. How to display CTI cooperation function and how to enhance CTI cooperation performance have become the hot topic of CI area. This paper gives the dimensions model of value creation and ascending ability, on the basis of alliance performance, intelligence performance and organization cooperation performance, using SPSS and AMOS for factor analysis and validation, so as to provide a scientific basis of constructing the theory system and measuring the intelligence cooperation performance


R&D Alliance, CTI, Intelligence Cooperation, Performance.