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Communication Analysis of Crisis Response in "Dujiabanna Disgrace to China Event"

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.251


Ruoxi Leng, Kewei Liu, Jiamin Fan

Corresponding Author

Ruoxi Leng


2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with constant events and trifles, and unpredictable international trends. Among them, the humiliation of D&G, a famous international luxury brand, has had a significant impact on China and even on the international community. In 2018, D&G fell into the whirlpool of humiliation against China. D&G became the first international brand in history to arouse global concern and boycott because of racial discrimination. D&G's misplaced crisis management has become a negative case for all enterprises in the world. It is not difficult to see that almost all multinational enterprises will inevitably encounter a public relations crisis in the development of China due to the differences of cultures and systems of different countries. In response to the public relations crisis, we must respect Chinese culture and Chinese consumer groups from the bottom of our hearts, and actively assume the social responsibility of transnational enterprises themselves, so as to get the support of Chinese citizens and achieve real transnational development.


Du Jiabanna, Shame China