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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Finance and Accounting in the Background of Mobile Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.242


Fu Huilian

Corresponding Author

Fu Huilian


With the continuous development of Internet technology, “mobile Internet” has become a new form of economy. The effective integration of Internet technology in the accounting industry has changed the traditional financial accounting model, making traditional accounting work methods unable to meet the actual needs of modern social development, so financial accounting reform is extremely urgent. This paper firstly summarizes the importance of informatization to finance and accounting and the significance of innovation and reform. Then it analyzes the problems of mobile Internet for finance and accounting. Finally, it proposes the countermeasures of accounting informationization science and healthy development. It is expected that this paper would give some reference value for promoting the sound development of financial and accounting work.


Mobile Internet, Finance and Accounting, Problems, Countermeasures