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Enlightenment of the Reaganomics

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.005


Ying Xue

Corresponding Author

Ying Xue


In November 2015, general secretary xi jinping put forward the domestic supply-side structural reform for the first time at the eleventh meeting of the finance group. In the process of supply-side structural reform, the country's fiscal and taxation policies play an important role , which can not only influence the prices of commodities in the market, but also promote the technological progress of the market.The U.S. economy was stagflating in the early 1980s, at the time, the Reagan administration of the United States combined the supply and monetary theory with a view to actively using the fiscal and taxation polic ies of supply-side to promote the development of the American economy, which led to the gradual recovery of the U.S. economy from 1983, and also lowered the inflation rate.In the context of the existing problems in China's economic development structure, the analysis and study of the fiscal and taxation policies on the supply-side reform of the Reagan administration in the United States have an important reference for China's fiscal and taxation policies to improve the supply-side reform in the future.


Supply side reform, Reagan administration, Fiscal policy.