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Analyzing the Nature and Definition of the City from the Perspective of Urban Planning Discourse

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.227


Yuzhi Wang, Pengcheng Dong, Xiaohui Liu

Corresponding Author

Yuzhi Wang


With the increasing interdisciplinarity of modern social sciences, there have emerged different perspectives and methods for studying the nature and the definition of the city, which can cause confusion in people’s cognition of the city. The city and the society are two different objective entities, yet the emergence of both the city itself and theories of urban planning cannot be separated from the development history of the human society. Analyzing and understanding the nature of the city conveyed by its definition, and the relationship between the nature and different stages of social development in a scientific way is of positive significance. Therefore, this article puts forward the necessity of constructing urban planning discourse, explores the relationship between the human society and the city by following the development history of human society, and decides that the city is, by nature, a material spacial entity. Moreover, in light of multi-disciplinary theories, Chinese national laws and regulations, and the requirements of a standard definition, the definition of the city based on urban planning academic discourse is proposed in order to improve the scientificity and authority of urban planning discipline.


Human Society, Urban planning discourse, The nature of the city, The definition of the city