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Analysis on Influence Factors of Enterprise Innovation Based on Data Correlation Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.204


Zaifu Sun, Weiwei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Zaifu Sun


The purpose of the study is to study the relationship of the influence of external environment on the enterprise innovation. We apply the Quantile Regression method to establish an empirical research model, and use the statistical data of some companies in 2008~2010 from Shanghai Zhenjiang High-Tech Development Zone, to analyse the influence of these factors on enterprises in different innovation quantile range. The results are compared with OLS regression. According to the regression results, we give the conclusion that the tech-efficiency, R&D investment and government policy are playing key roles in the innovation. And this result will help propose some policy suggestions to improve the enterprises innovation in China.


Quantile Regression, OSL Regression, Enterprise Innovation