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A Study of Dialogue Characteristics and Translation in English Films

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.200


Li Baixun

Corresponding Author

Li Baixun


With the influx of many foreign movies into China, Chinese people especially like to watch foreign movies, but the differences in language lead to the inability of people to understand the meaning of dialogue in movies, so the translation of dialogue in movies has gradually appeared in people's vision. However, the translation of dialogue in films is also quite difficult. It should not only take into account the differences in language and culture, but also take into account the audience's feelings when watching films. Movie dialogue is more flexible. It needs to combine different characters, different contexts and backgrounds of the film to make some appropriate text conversion. It also needs to retain the taste and information of the original film when changing the language. It also needs to conform to the characteristics of Chinese characters.


English Movies, Dialogues, Characteristics, Translation