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Analysis of Unsafe Factors in Subway Operation

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.001


Nana Sun

Corresponding Author

Nana Sun


With the rapid development of urban infrastructure in china,the number of subway line opening and operation is increasing year by year,Subway operation management is also becoming more and more important. This paper analyzes the unsafe factors during the operation of the subway through the types of accidents that may occur in the subway operation, It includes four aspects: human factor, system factor, social environment and management factor.Finally, the paper puts forward three aspects to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the subway from the following aspects: establishing and improving the subway safety regulations, establishing and improving the emergency response plan system and improving the safety skills of the staff members. The unsafe factors in subway operation are analyzed,making management countermeasures,it is of great significance to improve the safety situation of metro operation and to prevent accidents.


Subway, Unsafe factors, Operations management,Security management.