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New Media + English Flipped Classroom--Taking Medical English as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.188


Chen Jia, Li Bing

Corresponding Author

Chen Jia


The advent of the new media era has provided a good foundation for many English teaching activities, and the involvement of the new teaching model in the flip-flop classroom has made the English teaching activities realize the student-centered mode exchange and ensured the improvement of English teaching quality. Starting from the design requirements of English teaching, according to the technical advantages and the characteristics of teaching form under the background of new media, this paper makes an analysis and summary of the specific application modes of English flip classes. Taking the electronic publication Medical English as an example, this paper makes an analysis and study of the specific application schemes of English flip classes, aiming at improving the overall quality of English teaching. It has certain theoretical guiding significance.


New Media, English Flip Classroom, Medical English