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Research on Improving the Operating Efficiency of China-Europe Container Train Based on the Special Control Activities of Shaanxi Container Import and Export

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.174


Lixiao Wang

Corresponding Author

Lixiao Wang


The rapid development and expansion of the Central European Banquet has become the substantive link linking Asia and Europe in the new era, showing obvious freight concentration effect. This paper is based on the special management activities of container import and export compliance costs and customs clearance links carried out at Shaanxi inland ports. It analyzes the remarkable achievements and existing problems of the “Changan” of the China-European class after the special governance activities. The countermeasures for improving the operational efficiency of China-Europe trains are put forward, in order to provide reference for deepening the economic and trade cooperation between China and the countries along the route and helping the construction of the “Belt and Road”.


Container Import and Export, Central European Class, Operating Efficiency, Special Management