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The Impact of Internet Finance on Commercial Banks and the Countermeasure Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.170


Zhang Jun

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jun


The development of Internet technology has led to the rapid development of Internet finance, which simplifies people's payment methods and realizes cash-free payment. Not only reduces the risk of cash loss, but also reduces the inconvenience of using cash, and the convenience of Internet finance also reduces the related costs of financial transactions. Users can complete the related capital business without leaving home, which greatly improves the efficiency of business handling and reduces the cost of financial transactions. In addition, users can use Internet technology to view their financial information in a timely manner, minimizing the economic loss caused by insufficient information. It is the many advantages of Internet finance that have had a serious impact on commercial banks. How traditional commercial banks adopt a scientific and effective response strategy in the context of the booming Internet finance has become an important practical issue. The article mainly analyzes the impact of Internet finance on commercial banks and proposes specific countermeasures.


Internet Finance, Commercial Banks, Problem Analysis