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A Study of English Translation of Contemporary Chinese Literary Works in the New Media Age

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2019.167


Li Wan

Corresponding Author

Li Wan


In the new media era, it is a very valuable project to study the English translation of Chinese modern and contemporary literary works. On the basis of fully understanding the cultural and linguistic background of China and the West, the translation of Chinese and Western literary works is a process of re-creating the language texts of the works in accordance with certain theoretical skills. As a link of cultural transmission, under the guidance of the original works, it carries on different international cultural exchanges with its connotation as the core. As a translator or translator, it should be based on understanding the meaning of the original text, and to carry out creative language conversion, which does not change the meaning of the original author, but also allows the audience to understand the process of mutual transformation. Translation is a language art. It not only needs to be proficient in two languages, but also should be proficient in the content and knowledge reflected in the original text. The new media era has changed the way people produce and live. It also affects the translation of literary works. We must choose appropriate translation strategies to improve the quality of Chinese and Western literary translations.


New Media Age, Contemporary and Contemporary Literature Works, English Translation, China